I have been studying English with Edward since 2014. I like travelling, watching films in the original version so I need to practice English a lot.
Edward has helped me to master informal language and expressions. I am happy with the lessons because they are fun and interesting.

Irina M St Petersburg Russia

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Tina for guiding me through the TOLES course. She helped me focus on the areas where I needed to improve and I was able to pass the test in just a few months
Tina is more than just a teacher, she is a coach supporting and encouraging throughout the journey. I highly recommend the Legal English TOLES preparation course!

Antonio C Rio de Janeiro Brazil

I took English classes with Edward in order to improve my Business English before I emigrated from Russia to Australia. Now I am happy in my new home and I have found a new job. Thank you Edward for your support and help!

Maria Turnbull – Perth Australia (formerly Moscow Russia)

I work for an international company where all communication has to be done in English with our suppliers, partners and head office. I had studied English in school and also taken class after University but my Business English still needed brushing up. Edward did a commendable job and in months I was feeling much more confident at work. Now I go with my boss on business trips and I am hoping to soon get promoted.
I highly recommend Edward’s classes-he is an enthusiastic teacher and he knows how to transfer knowledge effectively!

Laura T – Mexico City Mexico

I work for a multinational company. I had to learn English fast because I wanted to move forward professionally. After 8 months of English lessons via Skype I was able to make presentations in English. Now I have been promoted and I lead the international team.
I recommend the teachers on English Skype Tutor. They are very encouraging, well organised and they make the lessons fun!

Artur (Warsaw Poland)

Edward is patient, understanding, enthusiastic and interesting. He is a great teacher and his lessons are communicative, informative and he really
encourages communication and the flow of ideas.

Sylvie B LLM Student Paris France

I am a law student and I have been studying Legal English with Edward for 11 months. The classes are very interesting and I am able to improve my legal vocabulary in each lesson. Edward has a very good and positive approach to teaching.

Pierre Y France

Before I took Business English lessons on skype I understood when people spoke English but I felt difficulty in speaking. After 4 months of lessons I don’t feel shy speaking English. I recommend the classes to anyone who wants to develop their speaking skills in English.

Satomi K Japan