Legal English

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Legal English Tutor on Skype

If you are a lawyer, paralegal, law student, or any other legal professional, our school allows for one on one sessions with native speaking Legal English tutors. Improve your Legal English skills with our dedicated specialists who have professional experience teaching students from around the world. With our courses, you can increase your skills in:

• Writing
• Speaking
• Listening
• Legal vocabulary
• Terminology
• Expressions
• Accents
• TOLES or ILEC preparation



Customizable Classes

Though we have a general course outline, all classes are mixed and matched to suit your individual abilities. Lessons include:

Legal English Vocabulary
Networking Skills
Social Skills
Client Interviews/Meetings
Advocating and Speech Delivery
Employment, Contract, Criminal, and International Law


Legal English- What is It?

For those who are involved in the field of English law, Legal English provides the vocabulary and terminology needed to succeed in this area. Legal English is much different to general English and your lessons cover everything that you will need to learn. Our tutors have all been involved in international law and have fabulous insights to provide that most Legal English courses may miss out on.

Do I Need Legal English Classes?

It depends on whether you are involved in the legal field and are hoping to gain employment in western and English speaking countries. Obviously, due to the nature of our school and our tutors, you will be more primed for a United Kingdom law field but they can also transcend across American, Australian and other commonwealth and western countries who practice English law.

What We Offer

With our professional Legal English courses, you will learn a variety of important topics and fields regarding Legal English. After a few of our sessions, we will have you negotiating like a professional, engaging in English conversations with your clients and associates, and better yet, be understood when you speak. We also offer accent reduction classes to assist you in your English endeaouurs and offer more insight into how English law works.

How Do I Take Classes?

We have a physical Legal English school in Whitley Bay, England and if you are in the area, please feel free to attend. However, if that isn’t an option for you, or you live too far away (such as in another country), you can learn with one of our dedicated Legal English tutors via Skype.

Our Legal English school is the number one choice when it comes to learning Legal English and we have had many successful students complete our courses, finding amazing success afterwards. Many of our students have gone on to work with or for many large political and legal agencies and organizations, right across the globe!

Legal English Lessons for ALL

Whether you are halfway across the country or just pressed for time, taking part in our Legal English lessons through Skype is one of the most efficient methods to learning Legal English. We only hire the best Legal English tutors, with decades of experience, in order to prepare you for the legal world and operate exactly like a normal, physical English school (apart from Skype of course). We also customize and tailor each class for you, allowing you to progress at your own pace and gain one on one insight into Legal English.
Our tutors collect a myriad of different resources and materials, providing them to you before your classes in order to better prepare you for your sessions. You will also receive constant feedback and constructive criticism as you go along to ensure that you get the most out of your lessons.

Move at Your Own Pace

With one on one sessions, you will never have to worry about moving fast or moving too slow due to a full class. You have the utmost attention and dedication from your tutors at all times. If you don’t perform well, we haven’t done our job.