Medical English on Skype

Medical English
Our Medical English language courses are designed for university students and medical professionals who desire to develop their English language skills in a specific context.
Are you a healthcare professional or university student looking to improve your English language skills in a context relevant to your career? This is the best course for you.
For people who work in the medical field, being able to communicate clearly and accurately is extremely important. You also need to show tact and sensitivity to clients. This course will help you develop these English language skills in various contexts, helping you increase your confidence when communicating with colleagues, patients and their families. A study plan can be combined with Guidance for Occupational English Test (OET) and incorporated for people who intend taking the test.
If you need more information as regards the test, go to the OET website.
At the end of this course, you will have:
• Learnt the language of medicine in a variety of contexts
• Improved your knowledge of specialized terms
• Learned to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues
• Analyzed real life situations
• Learnt how to cope with difficult situations
• Visited one of London’s best hospital museums
• Held lessons with your teacher to discuss your progress and future plans
Enroll for our one-on-one English conversation classes and be tutored by our native English-speaking teachers from Australia, Ireland and the United States.