Why Have my Own Native English Tutor?


Customized and tailored classes.

One to One session for complete focus and attention.

Different study methods provided for offering you the best ways to learn.

Move at your own pace and not the will of the classroom.

Interesting topics and options for you to choose content you would like to learn about, such as news, films, current events, and the like.

Constant feedback, support, encouragement, and constructive criticism.


So How Does it Work?


Follow the steps below to get started learning English with your dedicated tutor:

You will need an internet connection and a device that allows Skype access.

You will need a webcam, headset, microphone, and Skype installed.

Your tutor contacts you at the specified time you both agreed upon and once you accept the Skype call, the class can begin.

During this time, your instructor will hold conversations with you, provide a number of different visual and audio resources/materials to utilize, and all notes will stay on your Skype history for access later on (for transcription or further study).

The first time you sign up, a cost free, introductory, obligation free session is carried out in order to determine whether this is the right avenue for you, and if it suits your tastes to learn in this way.

When all the required information has been gathered from you, your tutor will then set up a plan of action and a schedule to keep to. 

Once that is done, you now have the option to either cancel or keep progressing with sessions.

If you do, a block of 4, 8 or 12, 30 minute classes must be purchased.

It’s as simple as that!


Why Use English Skype Tutor?


• Perfect for those looking to study English but are pressed for time.

• Perfect for those who don’t have any English schools close by or are far away in remote areas.

• Perfect for those who have a tight budget and can’t afford classes in language schools.

• Perfect for those looking to learn from REAL native English speaking tutors.

By learning with English Skype Tutor, you can take part in one on one lessons, handled by experienced and professional tutors who can teach you from any location, as long as you have the minimum equipment requirements.

You will save so much time with our services, especially in commuting and also be able to learn from the privacy of your own home, or wherever you find yourself. A quiet spot and an internet connection is all you need.

There are a number of different packages and types of English classes that English Skype Tutor can provide, such as:

Business English.
General English lessons.
Advanced/Keeping up practice sessions.

And much, much more!!