English Conversation on Skype

English Conversation classes
This is one of the most effective ways to improve your listening skills and spoken English. Our classes will take you through real life scenarios where you’ll experience it. Our teachers are capable of having conversations regarding specific subjects, such as finance, business, travel or politics; or, if you’d rather have a normal everyday conversation about the weather, events, etc. we can add some grammar to your conversation if you’d like that.
When you enroll for our English Conversation classes:
• You get to decide on the time, day and tutor for every class.
• Your conversations will always be with a native English speaker.
The classes are personalized for individuals. They will pay undivided attention to you, helping you study what you need and the things that are of interest to you.

Our English Teachers:
Aside from being native English speakers, our teachers are well experienced. Some of our teachers studied linguistics, some have their Masters degrees in Education and have taught in several countries around the world. They are very interesting people and you’ll enjoy interacting with them.