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If you want to learn English online in an easy and effective way, my English lessons by Skype are the perfect solution! All you need is a computer and an internet connection to start your course with a native English teacher online.

General English Course

I offer you a one to one general English language course which will be geared to your personal needs and level. You can start at any level from Beginner to Advanced. I will help you to develop your comprehension of the language with a wide variety of interesting and new materials. Learn English and have fun at the same time. Sign up today and start your journey to English language perfection!

English Conversation Course

I am specialised in giving personalised spoken English classes. I have arranged these classes in several countries and online. I will engage you in discussion of interesting topics ranging from science, music, art, politics, culture, history, sports among many others. The lessons will be like a discussion and I will not over correct you but point out your mistakes from time to time and give you valuable advice on how to become a more fluent English speaker.

Business English Course

I offer Business English Courses online which include a variety of business toipcs such as negotiations, business communication, presentations, meetings, telephone English and many others. These lessons will be tailor made for each student and will be designed to improve your linguistic competence in many different fields of business. So if you have to use English at work or with your foreign business partners, you can’t go wring taking one of these courses.

Learning English on Skype


English lessons by Skype are great because :


You can start whenever you want and study for as long as you want

Lessons are completely personalized according to the language learning goals of each student

All lessons are one to one so you get 100% attention from your English tutor

You can reschedule your lessons if necessary and study at a time that suits you

You can take lessons from your office or home or anywhere else

You will make faster progress than if you join a local language school

You will save time and money not having to travel to a language school

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Learning English by Skype allows you to improve your English with new learning methods and a qualified native English teacher.

Edward Thompson is a certified and experienced English as a Foreign Language teacher from London. He has a standard non-regional British accent and has been teaching English for 14 years.

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